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Smoke And Bones BBQ was formed over a passion of cooking good food. The art of cooking food low and slow is as rewarding as well as relaxing. It allows one to slow down and take time out from our busy lives and concentrate on one thing and forget about the rest. The end result is fantastic food with peace of mind. We have always enjoyed serving friends and family our food and soon we had people asking us to cook “that awesome BBQ food” for them. Our reputation started to grow by word of mouth alone and soon we had more and more people calling us with catering requests. Before we knew it, we were feeding groups of three hundred or more!

We enjoyed it so much, that we wanted to be the best that we could. We traveled down to the United States and were mentored by a man named Ray Lampe who is also known as Dr. BBQ. As an author and a writer for many cooking publications and also one of the top competitors on the professional BBQ competition circuit we felt we were destined to learn a lot from Ray. Armed with a new wealth of knowledge, we applied our new skills and training and to the best barbecue food we had ever had.

Never willing to stop learning we sought out and studied under a legend of barbecue, Paul Kirk. Paul, who is also known as “The Kansas City Baron Of Barbecue” is also one of the top competitors in international competition and has won over 475 cooking and barbecue awards. This includes 7 World Barbecue Championships, one of which is the prestigious American Royal Open, the world’s largest Barbecue Contest. Paul who owns restaurants in New York City and Las Vegas is about as qualified as it gets to cooking barbecue.

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Our Passions

Smoke & Bones BBQ Pulled Pork

One of our passions has always been cooking whole hogs. Cooking a large animal takes skill and patience. After cooking hogs for a number of years and being able to create a fantastic product, we decided to take it to a new level and study under one of the greatest hog cookers in the world, Myron Mixon of Jacks Old South in Georgia. Myron is the three time Memphis in May Champion and has won more money in barbecue competitions then anyone in the world. He has been featured in TLC`s BBQ Pitmasters and appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as well as the Craig Ferguson Show. Myron has refined our hog cooking skills to a new level.

Smoke And Bones soon discovered the thrill of competing in BBQ competition as well as the hospitality and camaraderie that the competitive BBQ teams on the circuit shared with us. Cooking in competition is not an easy task and it definitely makes you work hard to develop your skills beyond traditional cooking. To be able to win awards amongst the best of the best is truly a satisfying experience. It takes a certain type of individual that is willing to stay up all night long tending to a fire so that they can create the most amazing barbecue and then go through the rigors of timing and preparation to win a ribbon with it. Most people are not willing to do that but we are! If you want to serve “Award Winning BBQ” you had better be out working at it, and winning awards. That is where we fit in, we do it, we love it, and we are willing to do it for you.