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Happy Hour

Happy Hour Specials
Monday-Friday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Smoke Lager  $4.99
  • House Glass of Wine  $5.99
  • Chicken Strips (3)  $8.99
  • Street Tacos  $5.99 each
  • Pulled Pork Sammich & Beer  $19.75
  • Mac n Cheese  $11.99
  • Cheeseburger & Beer  $19.75
  • Pulled Pork Sliders  $3.99 each

Share Plates

  • Tot-Chos $12.99

    Crispy Tater Tots smothered in melted cheeses topped with Pico de Gallo, green onions, olives, jalapenos and drizzled with Tajin ranch
    Add: Pulled Pork $4.95

  • Chicken Strips $8.99

    3 Pc Crispy chicken breast Regular or Tossed in Buffalo Sauce: with choice of Chipotle or Honey Mustard
    Add: House Rub Fries $4.50

  • Atomic Poppers $14.99

    5 Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, smoked pulled pork wrapped in bacon and smoked in our cast iron smokers.

  • Low N' Slow Sliders $15.99

    Slow Smoked Pork and slaw on warm buns.

  • Street Tacos $8.45 each

    Corn Tortillas, Shredded Cabbage, fresh Cilantro, Pico, avocado lime crema. Baja Fish or Pork Carnitas.

  • Pitt Wings $17.99

    Mouth watering smoked chicken wings and drums smothered in Sweet & Spicy Sauce w Ranch Dip

Soup & Salad

  • John Boy Meat Chili $14.99

    So thick you can use a fork. Beans, tomatoes & spices simmered all day with melted cheddar with garlic toast

  • Santa Fe $18.99

    Artisan Greens, feta, black beans, crispy tortilla strips, roasted corn, sun dried cranberries, Pico de Gallo, candied pecans, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette
    add Avocado Slices $2.99

  • Caesar Salad sm $8.99 / lg $13.99

    Crispy lettuce with 'Scratch' Caesar dressing & Cajun Croutons.
    Add chopped bacon $1.50

Add Grilled Chicken 7.99 or Prawns 6.99

BBQ Family Style

Includes-Creamy Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Pitt Beans, Pickles, White Bread, Cornbread & House Rub Fries or Tater Tots

4 or 6 people only; 34 per person

  • Smoked Pork Ribs; Prime Alberta Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, BBQ Chicken and Sausage

    Meat Extras:
    Add 6 oz Brisket $18.99;
    1⁄2 Rack Ribs $22.99;
    1⁄4 lb Slo Smoked Pulled Chicken $9.99;
    Chicken Thigh $6.99 pc;
    1⁄4 lb Slo Smoked Pull Pork $9.99;
    Farmer Sausage $9.99

BBQ Supper

Includes White Slice or Cornbread + Any 2- Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Pitt Beans, Pickles, House Rub Fries or Tater Tots.

  • 2 Meat Combo $39.99

    Pick any 2 different meats: Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, ½ Slab o Ribs, BBQ Chicken or Sausage

  • Smoked Chicken 1⁄4 pound $16.99 / 1⁄2 pound $27.99

    Slo and smoked pulled chicken, piled high and drizzled with sweet n' spicy BBQ glaze.

  • Texas Beef Brisket 6oz $29.99 or Cowboy 12 oz $44.99

    Our most popular meat! While supplies last! Prime Beef smoked 14 hours by our Pit-master

  • Slo Smoked Pulled Pork ¼ pound $16.99 / ½ pound $27.99

    Pork is our business and we built it on our smoked pork shoulder. Slow smoked and hand pulled. Served with our own BBQ Sauce

  • Meaty Pork Ribs ½ slab $31.99

    These ribs have won us championships at many RibFests! Smoked to perfection with our house rub and sauce

SIDES: Steam Brown Rice 2.99 House Rub Fries or Tater Tots 6.45
SWEET TOOTH: Oreo Cheesecake Jar 6.99

BBQ Sammiches

  • Montreal Ruben $23.99

    Brined and Smoked Brisket, served with sauerkraut on rye with a slather of mustard and Russian dressing

  • Pit Boss $22.45

    Definitely a handful! Mixed Brisket and Pulled Pork, Crispy Onions

  • Pulled Pork $18.45

    Slooo Smoked and Pull-A-Part Soft, house 'slaw on a warm brioche bun

  • Brisket $23.99

    Famous marbled beef on a warm Brioche Bun

  • Boneless Rib $20.45

    Tender Pork ends, crispy onions, aioli, on a warm Brioche bun

Includes: House Coleslaw & Potato Chips; sub fries or tots 1.99, Caesar 3. yam fries 3. add beans 1.99


  • The Duke's Rib Mac N Cheese $24.99

    Pasta in a creamy white sauce with gooey good mozza mix and finished with fried garlic butter crumbs and piled high with boneless Pork Ribs

  • American Burger $16.99

    Grilled Chuck Burger with lettuce, tomato, slather of aioli with fries.
    Add cheddar $1.99; Alderwood bacon $3.45.

  • Black & Blue Burger $24.99

    Grilled Chuck burger with avocado, chipotle caramelized onions, blue cheese crema, lettuce & tomatoes, toasted bun with fries.

  • Cajun Chicken Club $23.45

    Blackened grilled chicken, cheddar, greens, garlic aioli on a house bun with fries. Add bacon $1.45

  • Louisiana Creole Rice Bowl $22.99

    A deep south right of passage with a twist! Shredded smoked chicken, creole prawns & sausage; seasoned rice with foccaccia


  • Brussel Sprouts $11.99

    Lightly Fried, Tianjin Ranch Sauce drizzle

  • Beyond Burger $23.99

    Great non-meat option! Chive Cream Cheese, cucumbers, fries.

  • Yam Fries $10.99

    Wth chipotle aioli

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