Specializing in Whole Roasted Pig Or Lamb!

Our menu is made to meet our clients needs. We can mix and match to meet your budget and taste.



Notes to remember...

·  This is the real deal. This is "real" southern bbq. All of our food is cooked over a hardwood fire and coals. There is no gas or propane involved.

·  Our food is slow cooked at a low temperature in a real southern made smoker from the state of Georgia. It is the same pit we cook on when competing in international BBQ competitions.

·  We can bring one of our competition smokers to your event and add a unique flair to it.




- Award Winning Pork Back Ribs- Smoked for 6 hours over a hardwood fire.

- Award Winning Barbecued Chicken with a Sweet and Spicy Glaze

- Award Winning Pulled Pork - 16 hours in the pit over a hardwood fire.

- Award Winning Beef Brisket. 14 hours in the pit over hardwood a fire. We have won so many first place awards in competition with this!

- Whole Roasted Pig (See Below) Honestly we always have to stop and let the photo session happen when we bring this out.

- Whole Roasted Lamb

- Pulled Pork Sandwiches - Great for lunch time meals.

- Chopped Beef Brisket Sandwiches - Great for lunch time meals.

- Smoked Turkey - This is so good! No sauce just the turkey on it's own.



- Cedar Planked Salmon - Wild Sockeye grilled on cedar planks over a charcoal fire. Finished with a Jack Daniels Maple Glaze.



- Award Winning BBQ  Baked Pit Beans with Apple, Raisins, Onion and Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket

-  Spring Mix Salad with Strawberries, Feta Cheese, Caramelized Pecans and dressed with a Raspberry Vinaigrette.

- Spring Mix Salad with Blueberries, Feta Cheese, Slivered Almonds and dressed with a Balsamic Vinaigrette.

- Sliced Oranges, Toasted Almonds on a bed of Romaine Lettuce and dressed with a Sweet and Sour Vinaigrette.

- Green Leaf Salad with Tomato's and Cucumber

- Creamy Coleslaw.

- Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream, Chives and Bacon Bits

- Red Skin Potato Salad

- Corn on the Cob with butter and salt.

- Fresh Baked Buns

- Fresh Baked Corn Bread



- ABT’s - Jalapeno Peppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Pulled Pork then Wrapped in Bacon and slow smoked.

- Classic Devilled Eggs - Filled with a Tangy Apple Cider and egg filling.

- Tomato and Bocconcini Skewers - Sprinkled with fresh with basil and drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette

- Mini Vegetable Kabobs. - Marinated and Seasoned Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, and Mushrooms then Grilled over a charcoal fire.

- Chicken Wings - Seasoned  wings grilled over charcoal and hickory then brushed with a Sweet and Spicy Glaze.

- Mixed Cheese Platters or Cheese and Cracker Trays

- Fresh Fruit Trays with Dip

- Fresh Vegetable Trays with Dip

- Fresh Tortillas with Salsa.



Fresh Baked Pie Buffets

- Apple

- Pecan

- Strawberry Rhubarb

- Cherry

- Blueberry

- Banana Cream



We can provide a dessert spread featuring a mixture of squares, tarts, bars, cookies etc.



- Sliced Watermelon - Seasonal

- Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies



This is a big show and includes a beautiful presentation.


We have studied our whole hog cooking under our friend Myron Mixon of Jacks Old South BBQ from Unadilla, Georgia. Myron is a judge on TLC's BBQ Pitmaster's, a three time world champion in whole hog competition at Memphis in May and considered  the worlds best whole hog cooker!


50 persons minimum.*


*We will cook for less but this is our minimum charge. We only cook pigs of 60 pounds or more.


Whole Pig: rubbed, cured and slow cooked over a bed of hardwood and charcoal until perfectly tender. Served with Smokey BBQ Sauce & Carolina Style Vinegar Sauce.


 $28.00 per person


- The Pig and all its garnishing.

- Homemade BBQ sauce and Carolina style vinegar sauce.

- Award winning, smoked  BBQ beans with chunks of apple, raisin's, onion and smoked pulled pork or chopped beef brisket.

- Potato salad.

- Home made creamy coleslaw.

- Fresh Dinner Rolls.

- Served hot buffet style.



The lamb is rubbed with select seasonings and then cooked over a charcoal and hardwood fire until perfectly tender. Served with homemade mustard BBQ sauce on the side.


- Roast lamb on a spit.

- Mustard BBQ sauce.

- Award winning, smoked  BBQ beans with chunks of apple, raisin's, onion and smoked chopped beef brisket.

- Potato salad.

- Your choice of Green leaf salad or coleslaw.

- Dinner rolls

- Served hot buffet style





BBQ pork shoulders or Beef Briskets, rubbed, basted, and smoked for up to eighteen hours in the smoker over a hard wood fire, then pulled and served on freshly baked ciabatta buns.


Homemade Kansas city style BBQ sauce or Carolina style vinegar sauce to drizzle on your sandwiches.


Award winning, smoked  BBQ beans with chunks of apple, raisin's and smoked pulled pork or chopped beef brisket.


Fresh creamy coleslaw.


$16.00 per person - Pork

$18.00 per person - Beef


*Include hot buffet service, disposable plates, napkins and utensils.


Drinks are $1.00 extra.



Our burrito bars are amazing!! Looking to give your wedding guests a late night snack? These are wildly popular!


We start with our Award Winning Smoked Beef Brisket and finish in our own special blend of Mexican Seasonings and BBQ Sauce.


With this you have a great late night finish!


- Smoked Beef Brisket with our Chipotle Sauce

- Whole Wheat, Tomato and Spinach Soft Tortillas.

- Fresh Cilantro

- Fresh Limes

- Sour Cream

- Fresh Guacamole

- Cheddar Cheese

- Black Beans

- Kernel Corn

- Fresh Tomato Salsa

- Shredded Lettuce



- Grilled vegetable kabobs - Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, onion, peppers, and mushrooms.

- Grilled vegetarian burgers on fresh baked buns.


Prices do not include HST or Gratuity.





- A 25% deposit is required at the time a catering order is placed to secure the order and reserve the date.

- Balance is due the day of the event upon arrival on site.

- In the event the date must be changed, the new date will be subject to availability.

- Minimum number of guests must be confirmed at least 5 days before the event. After that the numbers may increase but not decrease.

- Food service is typically provided for 1 hour unless special arrangements are made. Weddings are not subject to this.

- Make sure you have a contingency plan for rain. Food shall be provided rain or shine.

- Payment can be made by cash, cheque VISA and MasterCard.

- Payment should be made to Smoke And Bones BBQ.


Mail to 1920 Casano Drive North Vancouver BC V7J 2R2


Leftovers always stay with the host. Our recommendations are to prepare generous quantities and it’s only fair that the host benefits from that.




Smoke and Bones BBQ Caterers provide barbecue catering to the following communities: Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam, Delta, Maple Ridge,  Pitt Meadows, Langley, Abbotsford, Aldergrove and the entire Lower Mainland. Make sure to tell your event planner about your special occasion and to reserve early for your wedding or special event. We are a also a competitive bar-b-que team keeping up in current trends and specialize in Whole Roast Pig or Hog and Whole Lamb on a spit.